One of the first herbs/weeds we will be harvesting this spring is chickweed.

Here in Ashford we still have snow on the ground so our chickweed is not quite available yet but

as soon as it is, I will post pictures of it growing along with recipes both culinary and medicinal to make:

Stay tuned




So many weeds growing in our yards now that are packed with vitamins & minerals and are free. Purslane, chickweed, lambs quarters, dandelion & more which can be added to salad, some cooked & others made into healthy vinegars.

Look for my workshop coming up on how to harvest, prepare & utilize these healthy underused beauties.




Eat to Live

This is a great time to clean up your diet with real food!

If you’re not sure how to go about this, contact Lis from Eat To Live.

She is totally awesome & really gets the job done! 

Check out her web site & sign up for her free informative newsletter at Her office is in the Renaissance Fitness Studio in Newport, Rhode Island.